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Office Lighting Solutions

Office lighting plays a significant part in our lives. Through our extensive product range, expertise and service capabilities,
LPA offers healthier, functional and energy efficient workspaces to accommodate the way you work.

Recent Projects


150 Holborn

LPA Lighting delivered 90% of the lighting in the 150 Holborn, 9-storey commercial development building spanning 190,000 square [...]

Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a holistic approach that examines the effects of lighting on people. It involves varying the colour and intensity of white light to support occupant wellbeing, comfort and productivity.

Tuneable white lights allow you to adjust intensity and mix warm and cool light in one fixture. It mimics daylight patterns, strengthening our connection to the outdoors and allowing us to synchronise with our circadian rhythm.


Recommended Products

Office Lighting Solution

Renewable Energy Sources

As part of our commitment to reduce our overall carbon emissions, we established an energy optimisation department to our business, installing solar panels and
concentrating on energy reductions for our clients including carbon footprint analysis. Offices are a contribute significantly to emissions and we require

The panels installed so far are helping us move towards carbon neutrality.

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