We offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to meet your every need. From initial design consultations to implementing the latest technology, our experts can create a lighting plan that enhances your space, improves functionality, and saves you money. We specialize in lighting upgrades that modernize your existing system, while custom solutions ensure a perfect fit for unique challenges and for added convenience and energy savings we have smart lighting control options.

Breathtaking lighting design for commercial & retail projects

We’ve been partnering with some of the world’s leading brands delivering successful lighting projects across the retail, commercial, hospitality, education and residential sectors for over 30 years.

From the simplest lighting supply project to a highly complex global roll-out program, design thinking is at the heart of every lighting solution we create.

Our experienced team will work with you to create a customer-orientated lighting solutions package that gives the best possible results.

Custom Lighting Solutions

The right lighting can transform a space, set the mood and enhance atmosphere. Custom lighting solutions empower you to personalise your environment, creating a uniqueness for your space that can reflect your brand or your individual style.

Smart Lighting Controls

We partner with 3rd parties to offer full end-to-end Smart Lighting Systems providing out clients with convenient ways of automating operations for optimal lighting results.  Technologies such as Casambi, DALI, KNX provide freedom of choice, legacy compatibility and future-proof cyber security along with easy commissioning and operation.

LPA Lighting Services

Aiming Services

Our post-installation aiming service ensures your lights are strategically positioned to guide customers’ eyes exactly where you want them – on your key products and displays. We’ll fine-tune the angles to achieve the perfect effect, creating a visually engaging shopping experience that maximizes product impact.

Meeting your Lighting Needs

We offer a complete lighting solution ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • Expert Consultation: Our lighting specialists collaborate with you to understand your vision, space requirements, and brand aesthetics.
  • Lighting Design & Planning: We create a comprehensive lighting plan that maximizes functionality, ambiance, and energy efficiency.
  • Quality Fixture Selection: We provide high-quality fixtures that perfectly complement your space and meet your budget.
  • After Sales Support: We directly support the joint project team throughout the installation process to ensure correct setup as per the lighting plan. We deliver a site-specific aiming and focusing services to ensure the lighting is accurately positioned to highlight and accent the product.

Let us illuminate your vision.