Sustainable design is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. LPA recognises the environmental impact businesses have on our planet. By partnering with brands achieving the same goals, being adaptable with our service offerings, sourcing products and creating lighting solutions that promote sustainability, we are doing our part to support the world’s change for a better future.

With our experienced team of designers, we focus on providing lighting solutions that minimise our environmental footprint. Our lighting designs are influenced by industry trends in architecture, interior design and lighting design. We work with our clients to analyse and find efficiencies in their design plans to contribute to their energy optimisation. Our team are able to communicate their lighting concepts through sketches, computer renders and detailed 2D and 3D documentation in a virtual space.

The use of natural light, reflective surfaces and additional elements such as green walls play a fundamental part in our design and the overall goal of reducing energy consumption. Clever design matched with good technology can reduce the need for artificial lighting – decreasing energy use in a building by 50-70%.

We design using luminaires that have a long life, are efficient, are repairable and replaceable without compromising on quality. Our products can be reused or recycled at the end of their life cycle. With the integration of smart technology, our team can utilise separate controls on individual areas allowing the use of motion and occupancy sensors to be implemented and reduce energy consumption.

Some of our recent works:

We are proud to have several projects that have achieved Green Star certification. Green Star assesses the sustainability attributes of products through certain criteria. Our experienced lighting designers are able to provide detailed drawings and relevant documentation for Green Star certification.

LPA supports our clients with their goal of a more sustainable future. Contact our team today to discuss your next sustainable design solution.

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