Our Sustainability Pathway

There are many opinions and approaches to sustainability in the lighting industry.  LPA believes that for lighting to be sustainable – the entire life cycle of a product must be considered from product concept through production, project design operation and end-of-life.

The linear economy is a thing of the past, we are reimagining the life cycle of our products, the impact of our operations and how we can assist clients to reduce carbon and energy consumption.


Over the past few years, we have been collaborating with our suppliers to incorporate every aspect of circular economy into our product designs.  We have improved product functionality and reduced product environmental footprint by minimizing waste and extending the product lifespan through repair & reuse initiatives.

With over 30 years of experience in supplying luminaires, we firmly believe that timeless product designs and service models are key to long-term sustainability, both for our business and our products.

Even the best-designed luminaire will eventually need to be restored, serviced and recycled.

To fulfill this purpose, we have created the unique LPA ReLight program. Our service team will renovate your old LPA luminaires and give them a second life.


We provide a range of services aimed at helping you minimize your environmental impact. Our expert lighting design team collaborates closely with your own, ensuring optimal performance while conserving energy. We then offer supplementary services to further lower consumption, providing valuable emissions data insights and opportunities for reusing and recycling your fixtures.

Making emissions data
work for your business