Hotels Combined Office

Located in one of Chippendale’s iconic heritage buildings, Hotels Combined’s new office merges a commercial workspace with the design concept of a user’s travel experience.

Hotels Combined is a fast-paced online travel booking platform helping people experience the world through dining and travel in the best way. LPA worked together with Aston Consulting to provide an alternative lighting solution for the two-storey office space.

Part of the requirements for the project involved working with the existing base build in which LPA also completed with PM Electric. The key focus for the office was to ensure the space could grow with their developing team and include flexible collaborative workspaces to accommodate their staff. LPA offered lighting design, project management and sales support services. It was important to deliver the project on time, within budget and to communicate with all teams involved to ensure the design objectives were met.

A range of downlights were featured in the breakout zones, circulation areas and meeting rooms. These provided general lighting and a comfortable level of brightness for their staff and visitors. The Legend downlight was used in several of the meeting rooms. Its wall washing capabilities accentuated the environmental and travel-theme graphics on their feature wall. As meeting rooms often have very little daylight, we selected this fitting in a cool white to increase productivity and teamwork in the space.

We used suspended and recessed linear profiles to illuminate the open workspaces. Working with the existing base build, we removed the existing fittings from site and modified the lengths to suit the new fit-out design. A wide beam angle was chosen for a uniformed illumination and to entice communication in a collaborative setting.

A key component of the project was to support local Australian distributors. As an Australian owned business, LPA is proud to have been involved with the teams to create a travel inspired office space for Hotels Combined brand.