As the concept of a workspace advances, more people are recognising the importance of health and well-being within an office setting. Human centric lighting (HCL) examines the effects of lighting on the human body’s natural circadian rhythm. It can enhance our well-being, productivity, mood and comfort in a working environment. Our circadian rhythm is our body’s natural clock that regulates our daily sleep-wake routine. This is greatly influenced by the amount of light reaching our eyes.

In recent years, we have become accustomed to spending most of our time indoors. As a result of this lifestyle change, we typically spend less time in natural light, which impacts our circadian rhythms. Office workers can be working under the same conditions without any reference to what time of the day it is. One of the advantages of human centric lighting is how it can emulate natural lighting to align with the circadian rhythms of the occupants using the space. By incorporating dynamic human centric lighting solutions into your workplace setting, you are able to customise the lighting to your specific needs throughout the day.

Human centric lighting is created by changing the colour and intensity of white light. As it can be adjustable, a range of colour temperatures can be selected and controlled at the touch of a button. It is recommended to use a warmer relaxing light with lower intensity in the early morning and towards the evenings. The amber tones can create a welcoming and calming mood at the end of the day and prevent interruptions to our nocturnal relaxation time. During the typical workday hours, a cooler crisper light is recommended to make us feel energised and stimulated.

The use of human centric lighting is not only suitable for offices, it’s important in the education and healthcare sectors. It is one of the closest alternatives to providing natural lighting indoors. At LPA, we value people’s sense of well-being and believe in our approach to creating a sustainable workplace for the future. Contact our team today if you’re interested in incorporating human centric lighting solutions into your workplace.

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