Finding the right lighting for an office can make all the difference. Lighting plays a key role in how comfortable, sustainable and productive a workplace can be. There are many different styles when it comes to lighting options. In areas where natural lighting is inadequate, lighting designers are tasked with creating a solution that enhances the varying lighting zones of an office.

Here are some guidelines to determine the best type of lighting for your office space:

Reception & Lobby Area

The reception and lobby area are the first impression of the company. We recommend lighting that is warm and inviting for visitors. The lighting should reflect the brand style the designer has created. By using a direct/indirect light fixture, we can create ambient lighting in the space. Consider low glare task lighting above the desk for the receptionist as they work. This is also an opportunity for the decorative fittings that make a statement for visitors as they walk in.

Open Plan Offices

Offices are rapidly moving towards more flexible and open plan designs. As the centre location for majority of the staff, the lighting must accommodate the diversity of activities in this space. It is the most commonly occupied space for concentrated screen-based work. We recommend selecting low glare (UGR rated) fittings such as linear extrusions, panels and troffer for good visual comfort.

Individual Office & Private Hubs

Individual offices are quiet areas away from the open plan office spaces. The lighting should be ambient and functional for concentrated work. Low glare fittings with a direct/indirect light distribution are ideal for a comfortable space.

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Conference and meeting rooms is a key zone for staff to collaborate together, meet with clients and discuss ideas. It is often a room with very little natural lighting or windows which is why it’s important to select effective lighting for this space. Ambient lighting is recommended to enhance communication during team discussions.

Video Conferencing Rooms

The popularity of video conferencing rooms is rising in the business world today, especially in the age of the pandemic. Similar to television studios, there are special requirements placed on video conferencing rooms. Good visual rendering of faces and their facial expressions is required. The carefully designed lighting should avoid glare from the projectors or screens.

Break Out Zones

Break out areas are any spaces open to employees or visitors that are separate from their usual working area. It can be a place for staff to relax, eat their lunch or even hold informal meetings. Ambient lighting should be used to allow staff to recharge their batteries, energise themselves and prompt creativity in a comfortable setting. A wider illumination with a residential feel is ideal to entice informal communication in a calming environment.

Corridors & Circulation Areas

Corridors and circulation areas are increasingly becoming important zones for informal communication. It’s a space for staff to relax, have a quick chat and meet with clients. In a high-traffic area, the lighting must be functional and energy-efficient to facilitate easy navigation and ensure safety. By shining light on the walls and ceiling, we can ensure good visual conditions for communication. We recommend low glare, asymmetric and indirect lighting for this space. There’s also the opportunity to integrate smart control systems, motion sensors and emergency functions to conserve energy in the office building.

Car Park, Pathways & Façade

Exterior office spaces must balance security, safety and energy efficiency while maintaining the building’s architecture and ambience. The building’s façade is the first impression of the office and should be adequately lit to allow visitors to easily recognise the entrance. The pathways and surrounding areas of the building should be safe and secure for clear navigation. Light fixtures including bollards, ground recessed and streetlights that are low maintenance, robust, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing are recommended.

Our versatile range of luminaires are designed to meet the demands of the commercial sector.  From open-plan offices to break out zones and car parks, our high quality and energy-efficient luminaires are backed by our five-year warranty.

Our team have experience in delivering design solutions compliant with Green Star and WELL Building certification.

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