Office lighting plays an increasingly important role as research studies prove lighting is deeply linked to our physical, cognitive and wellbeing levels.

Increasing people’s sense of wellbeing as well as enhancing productivity and safety is paramount to employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

There are three very important factors to consider when completing an office lighting solution; performance, efficiency and comfort.

Performance is the overall light quality for the working environment including visual comfort, task visibility, contrast, glare free, uniformity and colour rendering. Combining direct and indirect light sources allows us to achieve perfect light levels for the various spaces and task related activities within the workplace.

Efficacy is critical in achieving sustainability targets. An efficient fitting will provide the right light levels with minimal light loss.  High efficacy luminaires require fewer light fittings, resulting in lower costs and associated maintenance expenses.

With offices operating for long hours a day, the integration of control systems provides the flexibility needed to meet the demands of the commercial sector.  Technologies such as zoning controls, daylight detection and motion controls significantly reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Comfort is the most subjective and dependant on factors such as natural light.  Consideration needs to be given to balance, tranquillity, security and safety. Lighting that can be adjusted to the user’s personal preference by means of colour temperature variation and control systems can have a positive effect on the productivity and the wellbeing of employees.

The importance of good office lighting is evident for us all. Providing a space with the appropriate light levels makes staff feel safe, engaged and secure.  For landlords and building managers, concentrating on the importance of office lighting can be beneficial to them as it can increase tenant satisfaction and maximising the value of their investment.

Our versatile range of luminaires are designed to meet the demands of the commercial sector.  From open-plan offices to break out zones and car parks, our high quality and energy-efficient luminaires are backed by our five-year warranty.

Our team have experience in delivering design solutions compliant with Green Star and WELL Building certification.

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