Architectural Lighting

LPA is proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Lightnet.

Lightnet designs and produces professional architectural lighting with solutions that are sophisticated and technological. Together, we have worked with renowned architects and lighting designers on numerous international projects worldwide to establish a global presence within the industry.


Lightnet’s luminaires meet the highest demands in terms of quality, performance and product lifetime. Their range of products are certified through test laboratories according to each global region.


All Lightnet products are developed and produced in-house in Europe. They offer a completely custom-made product solution to meet any design requirement. Each product is unique and constructed in a complex production process according to the clients need.


Lightnet integrates sustainability and social responsibility through their business. Their production and logistics are extremely economical with natural resources. Lightnet avoids the use of plastics and foils in their packaging and shipping. All packaging uses recycled cardboard.

To view the full range of Lightnet products on offer, please contact your local LPA representative for more information.

Commercial Case Studies

Sydney Airport T2

Sydney Airport T2
– Sydney Australia

United Airlines HQ
– Houston, USA

Financial Hub
– Columbus, USA

Russel McVeagh
– Auckland, New Zealand

Educational Case Studies

Sydney Airport T2

The Hub, Dublin City University
– Dublin, Ireland

Primary School Rahewinkel
– Hamburg, Germany

Grundfos College
– Aarhus, Denmark

Day Care Centre
– Hannover, Germany

Healthcare Case Studies

Sydney Airport T2

The Bays Hospital
– Melbourne, Australia

Cabrini Hospital
– Melbourne, Australia

AlfaOrtho Orthodontist
– Scheidam, Netherlands

Riemser Pharma
– Berlin, Germany

Hospitality Case Studies

Sydney Airport T2

Restaurant La Table du 2
– Nimes, France

Melanie Lambertz Yoga
– Eupen, Belgium

NH-Hotel Brussels
– Brussels, Belgium

Caffeteria Berschi
– Durrenasch, Switzerland

Retail Case Studies

Huawei Store
– Paris, France

Farage Store
– Sydney, Australia

– London, United Kingdom

TenneT Showroom
– Berlin, Germany