Security is more important than ever. When darkness falls, good lighting design is one of the most effective ways to ensure visibility and security. Exterior lighting plays a key role in determining how safe people feel. By using a combination of quality light fixtures and design approaches, you can achieve your desired results.

Well-illuminated spaces drastically minimise accidents, vandalism or break-ins from occurring. They can keep your space protected and provide safe passage for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers during the night.

Exterior light fittings should be robust and vandal resistant. They are often exposed to outdoor conditions making them vulnerable to deterioration. In addition to choosing suitable lights for your project, it’s important to consider good uniformity, the placement of the lights and energy efficiency in order to create a safe environment.

Commercial & Residential Properties

For commercial and domestic properties, outdoor lighting combined with a security or surveillance system is recommended. Although they are expensive, the sense of security far outweighs the cost. Not only does it assist you by identifying potential intruders, but it can also give the impression of someone at the property when there’s no one there. Good uniformed lighting minimises glare and makes it easier to see on a surveillance system. Key areas to consider lighting are the front entrance or porch, garage, car park or driveway, pathways, back entrances, landscaping and any outdoor areas such as a patio or pool. The lighting should be cohesive and compliment the style of the premise making it flow seamlessly together.

Roads, Car Parks & Pathways

There are several variables when it comes to car parks, pathways and road lighting. Unlike interior lighting, boundaries aren’t always defined and could hinder people’s safety. Appropriate exterior lighting can establish safe navigation from one location to another. It’s about finding a solution that not only works for the individual space but the surrounding areas as well. The key focus to consider is the location of the lights, circulation routes and how traffic will flow, glare, low maintenance and dimming and smart control options.

White light is recommended as the eye perceives it as more natural. You are able to recognise colour, shapes and faces better when it’s used. As drivers get older, they are more sensitive to glare and colour vision declines. Using white lights for roads, car parks and pathways ensures drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can assess and avoid hazards and risks in time.

Energy Consumption & Smart Controls

Integrating dimming, smart controls and emergency lighting into the design can contribute to energy efficiency and people’s safety. Motion sensors are a great investment around a property. They are triggered by movement and could alert you to potential trespassers in the area. Timers and photocell sensors are useful for lights on roads or car parks. The lights automatically turn off once sunlight is detected. This is particularly worthwhile during seasonal changes when it’s darker earlier on winter days. Lighting should be concentrated on the main areas to avoid unnecessary light spills. With appropriate lighting and emergency controls, lights can be used only when required allowing you to save money and significantly reduce energy consumption.

With security lighting, it isn’t always about having the brightest lights, it’s about having a suitable lighting solution that works in the exterior space. It goes without saying, it’s always advisable to have an alarm or surveillance system in place as an added form of security.

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