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We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of Lightnet luminaires in Australia. Lightnet are Architectural LED Lighting specialist
that products inspire with aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaire all around the world.

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Since the company was founded, Lightnet has represented cooperative, social responsibility. For Lightnet, acting entrepreneurially means acting sustainably. Their production and logistics are extremely economical with natural resources. Lightnet uses no plastics in their packaging. All packaging is made entirely of cardboard, even the film used to wrap pallets. They produce cardboard boxes in such a way that every piece of waste is directly processed into pulp. From this, new packaging parts are created with zero waste and 100% local recycling.

We’re pleased to share Lightnet has released their new catalogue. With more than 500 pages, you can discover Lightnet’s entire product portfolio and choose the right luminaire for your project. The catalogue not only features innovative designs but also offers a behind-the-scenes look into Lightnet’s revolutionary quality approach and uniquely flexible product ideas. Contact our team today to discuss your next lighting project!

Download a digital copy of the Lightnet catalogue today:


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