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We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of Lightnet luminaires in Australia. Lightnet are Architectural LED Lighting specialist
that products inspire with aesthetic, functional and energy-efficient luminaire all around the world.


Architectural LED Lighting Experts

Lightnet designs and produces professional architectural led lighting. More than 500 employees at six locations are united by the goal of inspiring their customers. With lighting solutions that influence aesthetically and technologically. We have a global presence, thanks to over 40 of our own sales organisations. Numerous international projects with renowned architects and lighting planners are an expression of our lighting competence.

Custom Configuration

Each product is unique and configured in a complex production process according to customer requirements, feature by feature. Details like style, proportion, surface, optics and colour temperature are matched to each other across all collections, so it is possible to combine any products with each other.


Since the company was founded, Lightnet has represented cooperative, social responsibility. For Lightnet, acting entrepreneurially means acting sustainably. Their production and logistics are extremely economical with natural resources. Lightnet avoids foils and plastics. They use cardboard boxes made of recycled cardboard for their packaging and shipping.

Quality Products & Certification

Lightnet luminaires meet the highest demands in terms of quality, performance and product life. Their engineers keep developing them on an ongoing basis. This takes place in development and test laboratories which, like production and sales, are certified according to the international quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001.

Lightnet’s products are tested by renowned external agencies: Our product portfolio with certification marks for Europe (ENEC), USA/Canada (ETL), Mexico (NOM) and Australia (RCM) is constantly growing. Lightnet manufactures high-quality, durable goods and offers a 5-year warranty on the entire product range.

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LPA is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Lightnet luminaires in Australia.

Lightnet Product Range

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