Lighting plays a significant role in every aspect of the retail experience from brand and product perception to consumer involvement. With consumers behaviour shifting towards online shopping, physical stores are forced to rethink their business models to remain viable. Lighting can be a strategically fundamental element when designing for a retail space. The right lighting can set the mood for your customers, create hierarchy among your products, impact customer’s behaviour and make the shopping experience an enjoyable one.

We’ve put together a list of factors to consider when designing for your retail store:

  • Branding – Lighting can define your brand and store image. It can be a place to build a personal connection with the consumer. Brands have the ability to tell their story, target specific groups and differentiate themselves from another brand. If there’s a store roll out, the lighting can be kept consistent across your brand and become recognisable to customers.
  • Lighting Techniques – Layering your lighting will add dimension to your store. Consider task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting for the different retail zones. Good lighting creates a quiet background for your store design to shine. This lighting approach can create a balanced illumination and avoid it looking flat.
  • Colour Temperature – Lights with a high CRI rating are effective in presenting the quality and true characteristic of a store’s merchandise or goods. The colour temperature can create a soft warm illumination for a relaxing atmosphere or a bright cool lighting for maximum visibility of the products. We recommend keeping the colour temperature the same throughout the store for a consistent flow.
  • Hierarchy – Establishing a hierarchy and highlighting key products can encourage consumer purchases.
  • Versatility – A key consideration when it comes to retail lighting is versatility. The window displays and product displays can be constantly changing to keep the consumers engaged. Adjustable track mounted fittings provide a solution for this changing environment. There are a variety of lighting options when it comes to dimming, colour temperatures, beam angles and finishes.
  • Ambience – Lighting can determine the ambience of a store. A pleasant and relaxing shopping experience can prolong the amount of time customers spend there. Finding the right ambience can also entice customers to visit again.
  • Contrast – Darkness is just as important as brightness. Adding contrast and depth to the store lighting will allow you to focus on products and key brand messaging.
  • Energy Efficiency – Using energy efficient luminaires in your retail store can save energy and reduce overhead costs. It’s a long-term investment that pays off over a few years.

When it comes to designing the perfect shopping experience, lighting is perhaps the most important element. There isn’t one standardised formula that works for every store. But the points above will help you to think about some of the lighting decisions you can make throughout the design process.

Want some expert advice?

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