National Geographic

National Geographic marks its introduction into the Australian market with the launch of its flagship store in Melbourne Central. The store design aimed to create an immersive experience for customers by incorporating floor-to-ceiling LED screens, custom-painted lights, styled merchandising and storytelling. At the heart of the store’s new retail concept is National Geographic’s commitment to sustainability. The brand sought a lighting solution that aligned with its environmentally conscious values.   

LPA was involved in every stage of the process from the design phase to lighting supply, J6 calculations, aiming and commissioning. Despite a tight four-week timeframe, our team worked diligently to meet the project’s requirements. To ensure the client’s satisfaction, we provided them with samples of different colour temperature options to review. After careful consideration, the client chose a 4000K CCT which we incorporated into the final lighting solution.

National Geographic had a specific requirement for a custom grey finish for the light fixtures. Placed on a suspended track down both sides of the LED screen, the Carl track light was custom painted to seamlessly integrate into the store’s aesthetics and colour scheme. Their adjustable feature allows for precise illumination control to highlight product merchandising.

LED strip lighting was used in the changing rooms and in the shelving units. The halo effect created soft and ambient lighting for customers.

The National Geographic flagship store stands as a captivating space where customers can explore the brand’s collection while being immersed in a visually stunning and environmentally conscious environment. We’re proud to have worked with the team at Alquemie on another successful project.

As always it has been great working alongside LPA to deliver another store within the Alquemie portfolio. The team at LPA delivered a premium product and execution with a very quick turnaround.

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