IRO – Milan

IRO is a Paris-based fashion brand known for its contemporary and edgy designs blending Parisian chic with New York street style. Working together with the brand, we designed a lighting system to elevate their Milan store accentuating their merchandise through strategic focal points.

The design incorporated key decorative elements while considering the pastel colour palette and rich textures of the merchandise. The interiors of the store were neutral with a chrome high-end feel. Special attention was required for the changing rooms. The lighting in changing rooms is a critical area that can positively influence customer decision-making. We created catwalk-style lighting with a crisp CRI>90 and warm illumination. Our team ensured to eliminate as many shadows in the changing rooms to give customers the best view when trying on clothing.

LPA provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the client’s requirements. Our team of experts provided lighting design, lux calculations, surveys, installation guidance and precise aiming of the store.

Our partnership with the client was marked by full assistance and a commitment to taking responsibility for the lighting design. We went beyond a traditional client-service provider relationship and worked as true partners throughout the process. Our involvement extended to supporting the installer with guidance during the installation process and advice on leveraging inbuilt features for enhanced functionality. The client chose us for our holistic approach, expertise in lighting design and dedication to ensuring a seamless and visually stunning outcome.

The IRO Milan store showcases the successful collaboration between our team and the client, where lighting is functional and also plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall shopping experience.

A true well-rounded service, from providing a full design solution, supply and installation support. We have achieved amazing aesthetics with bespoke chromed finished fixtures and feature lighting pieces. LPA are happy to explore numerous design ideas and assist us in visualising the finished effect. Also, extremely supportive of energy-saving initiatives and explanations of such.  Great to have an outsourced lighting team!