LPA has been partnering with Red Design Group for over 15 years to provide light fixtures and design for the 7-Eleven stores. 7-Eleven have been working to modernise their store designs to give them a fresh new look. A distinctive brand design was created by changing the colour, shape, and lighting. The aim was to create emotional connections throughout the customer’s journey at the store.

We worked closely with Red Design Group to offer a lighting solution that fit their new brand design. The new concept focused on better zoning in the store layout to reduce visual clutter. Using our adjustable Dora track lights, we created contrast and depth to make the products on the shelves stand out and easier to identify for customers. Wayfinding and category signage were upgraded to a refined and enjoyable look to increase customer convenience and navigation. The LED strip was used around the slurpee area, wall signages and certain shelving displays to highlight their zones and create a sense of fun that lifts the perception of value in the store.

For stores that had lower ceilings above the counter and point-of-sale areas, we selected the Gino downlight in an IP44-rated option. Our decorative King Kong pendants were used above the in-store dining area to provide an imitate atmosphere for customers while they take a break.

LPA is proud to be associated with 7-Eleven as it continues to exceed expectations in convenience store retailing in Australia. Red Design Group and 7-Eleven have been important partners for us over the years, and we anticipate continuing to work with them on future projects.