Office Lighting for Health & Well-Being

A proper lighting design can easily be overlooked when it comes to planning your office. Not only does lighting illuminate the space, ergonomic lighting plays a substantial role in workplace wellness, productivity and workplace culture.

A significant shift has taken place in the way people work and how traditional offices are run in recent years. The demand for more flexible, sustainable and collaborative workplaces is reshaping the commercial sector. Designers are identifying the need for better quality lighting as it can affect our moods, energy levels and productivity.

We’ve put together a short list of key factors to consider for the best lighting in your office.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Well-designed office lighting understands the people working in the space. With office workers spending majority of their day indoors, it’s important to consider their physical and mental well-being.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a holistic approach that examines the effects of lighting on people. It involves varying the colour and intensity of white light to support occupant wellbeing, comfort and productivity.

With tuneable white lights, you can adjust light intensity and mix warm and cool light in one fitting. This is particularly useful with office zone that may require a different type of light to support employees. Warmer light is more relaxing whilst cooler light promotes productivity and energises employees for the day. Human Centric Lighting mimics daylight patterns, strengthening our connection to the outdoors and allowing us to synchronise with our circadian rhythm.

Visual Comfort

Our well-being is greatly determined by our sense of visual comfort. Achieving good uniformity and glare control are key lighting factors to ensuring visual performance. In office with reflective surfaces and computer screens, glare can be a very common issue causing eye strain and headaches. Light fixtures that have a low UGR rating should be used in task areas and boardrooms that require high levels of visual performance.

Energy Management

Lighting contributes significantly to the energy efficiency of a building. Our offices can be designed to be as energy efficient as possible thanks to the advancements of technology. Investing in energy efficient LED luminaires offer benefits that are sustainable and good for our well-being. Whilst they are slightly more expensive, they offer a longer lifespan using less energy and maintenance. In comparison to fluorescent lights that can cause migraines, LED luminaires can be dimmed to suit your preference making them the better choice overall.

By establishing zones in the office, we can implement specific lighting control systems, sensors or dimming controls to meet the various needs of the employees. For example, in bathrooms, car parks or access areas, you can set up motion-sensored lights to save energy and ensure they are only used when occupied.

Our versatile range of luminaires are designed to meet the demands of the commercial sector.  From open-plan offices to break out zones and car parks, our high quality and energy-efficient luminaires are backed by our five-year warranty.

Our team have experience in delivering design solutions compliant with Green Star and WELL Building certification.

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