Lighting Design to Lower Your Energy Emissions

Lighting Design to Reduce Energy Consumption

At LPA, our internal design team comes from varying backgrounds architectural, engineering, design, and lighting itself. With their extensive knowledge and industry understanding a passion for lighting is apparent. LPA’s global footprint and shared services model empower us to cater to both global design needs and regional requirements. By adhering to four key principles—lighting product, lighting design, smart controls, and data monitoring and management—LPA establishes holistic and highly efficient lighting systems. These systems not only reduce energy consumption but also promote sustainability and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

Lighting Technologies for Designers:

Advanced Control Systems and Integration:

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)

  • Uses LED bulbs for high-speed data transfer through visible light communication.
  • Enables integrated lighting and data connectivity within spaces.

OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes)

  • Offer thin, flexible, and sometimes transparent light sources.
  • Allow for creative integration into architectural elements for unique aesthetics.

Smart Controls and IoT Integration

  • Enable sophisticated lighting systems adjusting based on real-time data.
  • Personalise lighting experiences according to user preferences and environmental conditions.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Photometric Software “AGI”

  • Assist in simulating and analyzing lighting conditions in spaces.
  • Integrate lighting plans seamlessly into overall architectural designs for coherence and efficiency.

Lighting Design

Our lighting designers use several technologies to create efficient lighting plans. Photometric software plays a crucial role, allowing designers to simulate and analyse lighting conditions in a space. This software helps in predicting how light will behave in different areas, considering factors like intensity, distribution, and colour. Additionally, Building Information Modeling (BIM) software enables designers to integrate lighting plans into overall architectural designs, ensuring coherence and efficiency in the use of light within a space. Advanced sensors and controls aid in creating responsive lighting systems, adjusting illumination based on factors like occupancy, daylight levels, and user preferences. These technologies enable designers to craft comprehensive lighting schemes that prioritise efficiency and optimal light quality.

Smart Controls

Globally, building regulations are increasingly calling for the adoption of intelligent lighting and environment control systems. By incorporating smart lighting controls like Casambi and DALI, you can easily manage your lighting systems, not only reducing your expenditure but also contributing to a greener environment. These innovative control solutions grant you the power to customise your lighting according to your preferences. With Casambi, it’s as simple as using your smartphone thanks to its wireless Bluetooth capabilities. You can fine-tune the colour temperatures, adapt to various settings, and even schedule your daily lighting needs. This not only makes it a cost-effective solution but also positions it as a forward-thinking choice for sustainable lighting.

Through using intelligent controls such as sensors and zoning, you are able to illuminate the areas that are in use and turn lights off when no one is present, ensuring that you’re not wasting energy unnecessarily.

Energy Management

Widesky provides an innovative, technology-driven solution that empowers transparency and accountability when it comes to collecting and reporting sustainability data. By harnessing the power of our platform, we illuminate the previously hidden aspects of your environmental impact, allowing you to monitor and comprehend your energy consumption. With the goal of lowering carbon emissions and cutting down costs.

The Widesky platform gives consumers the ability to gain valuable insights and understanding of their emissions through intuitive data visualisation. For larger enterprises and prominent brands, Widesky serves as a comprehensive platform capable of hosting and managing extensive company data, facilitating effortless comparison and enhancing accessibility.

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