With a UGR <12, this mini system is a recessed luminaire that can double as a spot or wall washer. Perfect for foyers, office spaces, shopping centres, art galleries and many other applications the Levi downlight range offers luminaries that blend into the architecture due to their streamline and compact housing.

Multi lumen packages due to the multiple connections of the single body (up to 8 modules can be connected) enables the lighting to meet requirements for various uses and conditions. With low UGR the Levi downlight is optimised for uniformity and visual comfort.

Available in recessed downlight, surface downlight or wall washer.


Source Power: 2W
System Power: 3W
Source Lumens: Up to 207Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 172Lm
Beam Angle:  20°/39°/44°
Efficacy:  Up to 60Lm/W
Cut out:  38x38mm
Download:  Datasheet
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Source Power: 5W
System Power: 6W
Source Lumens: Up to 426Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 362Lm
Beam Angle:  19°/27°/43°
Efficacy:  Up to 60Lm/W
Cut out:  69x38mm
Download:  Datasheet


Source Power: 8W
System Power: 9W
Source Lumens: Up to 639Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 539Lm
Beam Angle:  21°/36°/43°
Efficacy:  Up to 60Lm/W
Cut out:  99x38mm
Download:  Datasheet


Source Power: 9W
System Power: 11W
Source Lumens: Up to 823Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 703Lm
Beam Angle:  21°/35°/43°
Efficacy:  Up to 64Lm/W
Cut out:  130x38mm
Download:  Datasheet


Source Power: 11W
System Power: 13W
Source Lumens: Up to 1035Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 758Lm
Beam Angle:  20°/34°/48°
Efficacy:  Up to 66Lm/W
Cut out:  141x38mm
Download:  Datasheet


Source Power: 14W
System Power: 16W
Source Lumens: Up to 1250Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1014Lm
Beam Angle:  21°/35°/48°
Efficacy:  Up to 63Lm/W
Cut out:  191x38mm
Download:  Datasheet


Source Power: 15W
System Power: 18W
Source Lumens: Up to 1401Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1189Lm
Beam Angle:  20°/35°/48°
Efficacy:  Up to 66Lm/W
Cut out:  221x38mm
Download:  Datasheet


Source Power: 17W
System Power: 20W
Source Lumens: Up to 1599Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1358Lm
Beam Angle:  20°/34°/47°
Efficacy:  Up to 68Lm/W
Cut out:  252x38mm
Download:  Datasheet
Finish Black/White Material Aluminium
IP Rating IP20 CCT  3000K/4000K
CRI >90 Voltage 220-240V, 50Hz
Lifetime L70 (10K) >60,000 hrs
L90 (10K) > 49,000 hrs
Dimming Available on request

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