The June II series offers an adjustable lens adapting the beam angle from narrow to wide with one simple twist of the lens. The June II has been redesigned to achieve a more compact design, a smoother transition when adjusting the distance between the lens and the source, and a new lens ensuring uniformity, and no excess secondary spotting. Offering such flexibility, this spotlight series with in-track driver is suitable for all applications.

All our fixtures fit standard three circuit track and adjust easily through 90° in the vertical plane and 355° in the horizontal plane. Options include the choice of CCT colour, body colour and lens.

The June II is available in track, recessed spot and pendant configuration.


Source Power: 25W / 23W
System Power: 27W / 35W
Source Lumens: Up to 3985Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 2821-3641Lm
Beam Angle:  17°-63°
Efficacy:  Up to 97Lm/W
Tilt:  90°


Source Power: 17W / 25W
System Power: 25W / 27W
Source Lumens: Up to 3107Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 2144-2725Lm
Beam Angle:  17°-64°
Efficacy:  Up to 93Lm/W
Tilt:  90°


Source Power: 13W / 17W
System Power: 14W / 19W
Source Lumens: Up to 2120Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1539-1743Lm
Beam Angle:  19°-50°
Efficacy:  Up to 94Lm/W
Tilt:  90°


Source Power: 7W / 13W
System Power: 8W / 15W
Source Lumens: Up to 1439Lm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1063-1149Lm
Beam Angle:  15°-51°
Efficacy:  Up to 77Lm/W
Tilt:  90°
Finish Black/White Material Aluminium
IP Rating IP20 CCT  3000K/4000K
CRI >80/>90 Voltage 220-240V, 50Hz
Lifetime L80B50 (14K) 56,000 hours Dimming Available on request

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