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We are thrilled to announce the release of Unilamp’s new catalogue for 2022-2023. New exciting products have been added to their range.  Download the new catalogue here:

Check out the NEOS family brochure here.


Unilamp has released a new family of products in the NEOS series. NEOS is a small-sized high performing luminaire offering outstanding optical efficacy, a high ambient temperature and a wide range of mounting accessories. Its smooth curved design eliminates the accumulation of water and dust. The NEOS series can be pole or wall-mounted as a flood light. The area light can be equipped with a photocell, DALI-2 control or basic on-off control dimming. The unobtrusive slim design of the NEOS is a highly competitive luminaire for commercial and residential lighting.


A new compact bollard has been added to the SKUNA family series. Featuring a screw-less design and a Nano-Ceramic protection film, the SKUNA bollard is corrosion resistant. SKUNA offers a variety of optical lenses including narrow, medium, wide, forward throw and side throw light distributions. SKUNA is perfect for residential and commercial areas.


A new addition to the CHARISMA bollard family is the Medium Charisma4 Round luminaire. CHARISMA is a compact to a mid-size range of bollards designed for residential, community and commercial sites. Its pre-wired and double-insulated construction provides a safe and easy installation process. Available in three colour temperatures and supplied with a built-in driver. The clear polycarbonate cover with internal glare suppression louvres improves the light quality by limiting the upward light emissions. The bollard heights can be customised according to your project requirements.


EQUINOX is a trapezium-shaped linear light fixture ideal for residential, commercial and public spaces. It can be used as a pole top luminaire or with a clamping unit at different heights. The EQUINOX is an economical luminaire that provides general illumination with excellent lighting levels. The exceptional lens system distributes the light efficiently onto the surfaces.


The mini PILLAR is a cylindrical-shaped luminaire with unshielded and diffused symmetrical light distribution. The classic slim shape is the perfect choice for small to large-sized spaces. Its timeless design can be used with various architectural themes and blends equally well in parks. State-of-the-art dimming options are available as well as different colour temperatures and power wattages. Mini PILLAR is available with a height of 1000mmm, 2500mm and 3672mm. However, it can be customised according to your specific requirement.


QUARK is a family of in-ground uplighter luminaires with shallow housing for minimum recessed depth. Designed for high-power LEDs with the choice of three different colour temperatures and a remarkable colour rendering index. Available in a round and square with fixed or dimmable light output. The QUARK family is ideal for illumination of building facades, architectural works, landmarks, walls and landscaping areas. RGBW is available as an option.


AYERS is a ground washer luminaire that provides a low glare multi-direction light distribution. The luminaires can withstand drive-over applications at low speeds due to their robust high strength aluminium cover and GFR polymer recessed housing. The high-quality optical mirrored reflector produces a high lumen output in a low silhouette fixture. Available in two sizes in one-opening, 2-openings and 4-openings. The new addition to this series is the one opening luminaire with a 180° beam optic. AYERS is the perfect choice for illuminating ground surfaces.


KUBIK is a robust cube-shaped spotlight family. Its front glass cover is flush with the luminaire housing to avoid the accumulation of dust and water. KUBIK is suitable to light up an object from short to medium distances such as sculptures, signage, building facades and facets, landscaping and more. A mini slim and RGBW version is available as an option for the KUBIK family.


TUBE is a family including a cylindrical shape wall light, ceiling light and area light. Made from extruded aluminium, the TUBE family is highly corrosion resistant in any extreme environment. TUBE can solve many lighting solutions in modern architectural surroundings and general illumination of columns and facades. Its newest addition to the series is the Medium TUBE recessed downlight in a frosted glass lens.

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