IGA – Koroit

IGA is an Australian chain of supermarkets offering an extensive range of fresh produce and quality products for their local community. We were approached by the owners of IGA Koroit during the early stages of the project to offer a full turnkey lighting solution. This included product selection, design, delivery and commissioning for the store.

Looking to differentiate themselves from other supermarket stores, we moved away from the standard design of using suspended diffused extrusions in the aisles. Instead, we looked into using track lighting throughout the entirety of the store. We successfully proposed the Bricks series and the new store approach after several discussions with the owners.

The Bricks offers versatility and wall washing capabilities making it ideal for long aisle lighting. Its wide beam angle allows for vertical illumination and uniformed lighting from the top shelf to the lowest. The product merchandise on all shelf levels can be easily identified for consumers at the store.

The June adjustable track light was used throughout the fresh produce, liquor, deli and dairy departments. Selected in 4000K with a high colour rendering, this provides a more natural look for the produce. Products that look more authentic entice consumers to purchase more. As there was no ceiling in the main area of the store, using the June series offered flexibility for the client. They are able to add additional lighting for display areas and adjust the lighting around when needed.

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