We want to ensure our processes and practices make a difference. By measuring performance, we can ensure we are doing so. We use the best product and backed by WideSky we can monitor and validate our environmental impact.


LPA continues to drive innovation in LED technologies by working with our manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We use the latest release LED and driver technology to offer our clients a longer-lasting, more durable product that offers better light quality.

LEDs use less energy, reducing energy costs as well as reducing maintenance costs.

Our products are tested for regional compliance providing
assurance for quality and performance.


Lower wattages, higher lumen output and higher efficacy in our products allow us to focus on designing for local requirements. Further to the technical developments in LEDs, our design methodology includes increasing the use of dimmers and control systems to reduce energy usage.

Controls & Sensors

LPA designs for the best light output using the most efficient fittings and is compatible with all control systems.

We are developing our energy management solutions in IoT technology and extending our offering to include resource optimisation software.

Implementation & Review

We are actively building an ecosystem of complementary technology partners in efficient HVAC, water treatment and similar systems.

By using WideSky we are able to monitor key objectives and targets allowing us to effectively manage our environmental performance using real-time data.

WideSky® Energy Management Solution

We are honoured to be partnering with WideSky® to provide Energy Management Solutions. WideSky® is a cloud-based solution that provides powerful, real-time insights into all elements of your business operations. Data is the key to understanding how to monitor, manage and forecast accordingly to reach sustainability goals and financially plan for the future.

The Other Key Pillars


We are actively looking at solutions that assist our clients in minimising their footprint on the environment.


People make a difference and can make a change. From staff to suppliers to our clients we want to create a positive future for everyone.