We are actively looking at solutions that assist our clients in minimising their environmental footprint on the planet.

Supply Chain

We have operational procedures that monitor our performance, and we recognise that we are responsible for finding efficiencies throughout our supply chain to minimise our impact on the environment.

We care about minimising hazardous waste used in manufacturing by using recyclable components where possible and ensuring our service model maximises energy efficiency for our clients.


We use biodegradable packaging where possible including recycled cardboard and eco-friendly tape. If possible, all incoming cardboard is reused for repacking.


Working alongside Ecocycle in Australia and Lumicom in the UK, LPA ensures responsible disposal of luminaires, fluorescent tubes, lamps and bulbs.

Renewable Energy Sources

As part of our commitment to reducing our overall carbon emissions, we established an energy optimisation department for our business, installing solar panels and
concentrating on energy reductions for our clients including carbon footprint analysis.

The panels installed so far are helping us move towards carbon neutrality.

The Other Key Pillars


People make a difference and can make a change. From staff to suppliers to our clients we want to create a positive future for everyone.


We want to ensure our processes and practices make a difference. By measuring performance, we can ensure we are doing so. We use the best product and backed by WideSky we can monitor and validate our environmental impact.