People make a difference and can make a change. From staff to suppliers to our clients we want to create a positive future for everyone.

Business Integrity

LPA demonstrate a high level of professionalism with our employees, suppliers and manufacturers in complying with ethical and sustainable business practices.

We aim to reduce energy consumption and extend the life of products by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and offering customers eco-compatible solutions.


We build partnerships – establishing long-term and effective relationships with staff, suppliers, manufacturers and clients.

Our partners are committed to achieving the same outcomes and continually strive to improve all areas of the business in sustainable practices.

Associations and Charity Partnerships

We partner with charities that are aligned with our business goals and vision and have memberships with associations relevant to regional industry requirements.

The Other Key Pillars


We are actively looking at solutions that assist our clients in minimising their footprint on the environment.


We want to ensure our processes and practices make a difference. By measuring performance, we can ensure we are doing so. We use the best product and backed by WideSky we can monitor and validate our environmental impact.