Club Lime

Club Lime is a widely recognised gym franchise with 27 gyms spanning across Australia. The gyms are known for their distinctive green colour scheme and offer a comprehensive range of health and fitness services. Currently, the brand is actively expanding its gym presence. Our strong client relationship was the key factor in securing the contract. The project brief entailed duplicating the design process from a previous project, further developing the original concept.

The challenge encountered revolved around Club Lime’s difficulty in replicating their widely recognised specific green colour. To achieve the desired hue, a blend of red and green was essential. Through the advanced colour mixing features within the Casambi app, our team successfully combined amounts of red and green to achieve the distinctive Club Lime colour. Utilising the Casambi controls, once the perfect colour was attained, users can conveniently save these custom scene colours using the pre-save functions on the Bluetooth app, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.