The Maya series is a high performing suspended luminaire suitable for a variety of applications. With four size options, multiple colour temperatures and trim finishes, this suspended luminaire is an excellent choice for flexibility and high efficacy in your design. The Maya pendant is easy to install and is also available in recessed and surface mount formats.


Source Power: 17W
System Power: 20W
Source Lumens: 2865Lm
Delivered Lumens: 2183Lm
Beam Angle:  107°
Efficacy:  Up to 109Lm/W


Source Power: 24W
System Power: 26W
Source Lumens: 4087Lm
Delivered Lumens: 2874Lm
Beam Angle:  107°
Efficacy:  Up to 111Lm/W


Source Power: 30W
System Power: 34W
Delivered Lumens: 5267Lm
Delivered Lumens: 3795Lm
Beam Angle:  108°
Efficacy:  Up to 111Lm/W


Source Power: 40W
System Power: 46W
Delivered Lumens: 7334Lm
Delivered Lumens: 5373Lm
Beam Angle:  108°
Efficacy:  Up to 117Lm/W


Source Power: 45W
System Power: 51W
Delivered Lumens: 8588Lm
Delivered Lumens: 6510Lm
Beam Angle:  108°
Efficacy:  Up to 128Lm/W


Source Power: 58W/68W
System Power: 65W/76W
Delivered Lumens: 10665Lm/12383Lm
Delivered Lumens: 9842Lm/11433Lm
Beam Angle:  110°
Efficacy:  Up to 151Lm/W
Finish Black/White Material Aluminium
IP Rating IP20 CCT  3000K/4000K/5000K
CRI >80/>90 Voltage 230V, 50Hz
Lifetime >50,000 hours Dimming Available on request


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