2Q Rotary Hotpot

Melbourne, Australia

Working with Two Design, we provided a range of light fittings for the new 2Q Rotary Hotpot in Oakleigh, Melbourne.

An all-you-can-eat hotpot buffet restaurant with a variety of dishes served on a conveyor train, the hotpot restaurant needed a lighting solution to showcase its delicious food whilst creating a comfortable ambience for its diners.

A suspended linear was custom designed with a 35mmx35mm profile, populated with 2 runs of low output LED to create uniformity across the main area. The Logan pendant and Visi and Gino downlights provided functional task lighting and aesthetics to the remaining areas within the restaurant.

Hospitality Construction has created a visual walkthrough to showcase the design for the new 2Q Rotary Hotpot in Oakleigh Melbourne.

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