Gallery of Platypus Stores

Platypus – Macarthur Square

A specific emphasis has been placed on designing a functional and enjoyable in-store experience, where lighting was crucial.  The new concept store has a trail of illumination that draws the public into the shop leaving a lasting impression with the exclusive icon wall and new street art product range. 

Building on the store design concept first launched in Bondi NSW and Canberra ACT, the Macarthur Square site in NSW is an evolution on the Bunker design which entailed striping back the range of finishes within the retail space and draw focus towards product. 

Neutral tones enhance a sense of simplicity while the incorporation of light within the vertical elements of the joinery draw the consumer deeper within the retail space and focus the attention to what the brand has to offer. 

Additional design elements, such as the individual pedestals, Icon Wall and feature Snake Light were introduced, adding a new interactive dimension to the retail experience. 

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