Canvas West

At Fraser Industrial Property, they create market-leading facilities and services that focus on sustainability and a better future. Together with LNO Consulting, LPA provided an energy-efficient lighting solution for the 5 Star Green Star design and As-built certified building.

We customised the Garret troffers to precisely 1200x300mm and 600x300mm to fit seamlessly into the imperial ceiling of the facility. These troffers were equipped with intelligent sensor devices to measure daylight and dim according to the lux levels set by LPA. 10 mins after the last movement is detected, the luminaires will dim to 20% and then turn off around 10 minutes after the space is vacated until it is reactivated. The lighting system provided by LPA was designed to be as energy efficient as possible for the client.

LPA offered lighting design, lux calculations and glare calculations in accordance with NCC compliance in Australia. Once the troffers were installed, LPA provided on-site sensor programming to ensure that all the luminaires ran efficiently.

Despite difficulties with supplying the product, we managed to supply the project in 12 weeks. We are proud to be involved in delivering a lighting solution that aligns with our brand strategy of sustainability and product innovation.

Fraser Industrial Property and LNO Consulting Pty Ltd engaged LPA Lighting and Energy Solutions to ensure their client received a quality reliable Lighting Experience

LPA Lighting delivered a State-of-the-Art Lighting LED solution that incorporates Individual Smart Sensors that measures daylight, dims lights, and turns them off if no one around.

This is energy efficiency at its best.

Client wins, environment wins, and Frasers customers win as they get energy savings all day, every day.

Neil Osborne, LNO Consulting