Australia’s First Eco-Smart Off-Grid Kitchen

At LPA, our mission statement is to convert every lead into long term partnerships by creating innovative, functional, adaptable and efficient solutions that assist our clients in building energy efficiency.

The Solisium project backs our mission in every element from creating an innovative, functional, adaptable and efficient solution that is 100% eco smart with zero carbon emissions.

As our brand develops across the globe our commitment to sustainability becomes a key pillar in our brand strategy.  We understand the impact of investing in the right partners, being adaptable with our service offering, finding innovative products and solutions and therefore being responsible in the way we work.  We focus on three key pillars for our sustainable commitment – People, Product & Performance.

We are proud to partner with the Solisium Group to work on projects to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable future.

Solar PV

In 2018 LPA Lighting Specialists rebranded to LPA Lighting and Energy Solutions to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and to enhance our service offering to include services in energy management.  Our energy optimisation department was developed, and we commenced providing solutions to our clients in Solar PV solutions, Smart Building Applications and Energy Spend Management.

We have provided solar application solutions across retail, hospitality, commercial and educational sectors.  Our energy assessment team will work with you to provide a detailed analysis of your energy usage and needs. From this assessment, the team will design and build the most effective and efficient Solar Photovoltaic solution possible. We will work with you from the start of this process in the initial consultation, system design, project planning and provide a complete turn-key implementation.

Solar power is the key to a clean energy future.  Being a clean source of electricity, which is also scalable, we can assist small or large scale clients by being able to store extra electricity in a battery or feed it back to the grid.  We are investing in solar and our other energy optimisation offerings to meet our sustainability commitments.

LPA offers a large range of energy optimisation solutions, contact us today to find out more.