Levi Strauss London

Levi’s has opened its new concept store focusing on sustainability and circularity in Soho, London. In conjunction with the store launch, Levi’s has introduced a new product initiative, Levi’s by Levi’s, made entirely from repaired, reimagined and recycled products from their brand.

LPA was commissioned to create a lighting solution that connected effortlessly with Levi’s concept of sustainability and circularity. Our approach was to create a fun and trendy space with fittings that were energy efficient. The design team developed sustainable lighting designs whilst also ensuring European lighting standards and building code compliance was met.

The Gallery spot lights were selected for its streamline and compact design offering illumination to the visual merchandising displays around the store. A honeycomb filter was fitted for the lights on the perimeters of the tailoring room to reduce glaring in bright areas.

The LPA Linear A3 was surface mounted above the private work pods to evenly illuminate the space. It was fitted with a microprimistic diffuser to control the luminance when in direct lighting.

Made from energy-efficient LED lights and a lightweight material, LPA constructed a 900mm custom decorative lighting solution that provided a fun, funky and trendy look for the store. By using a lightweight material, we were less wasteful and more cost efficient which maintains Levi’s focus on sustainability.

As the basement areas offers no natural lighting, we supplied a stretch ceiling panel light and created fake windows to increase productivity and mental wellbeing for the staff. The panel light and windows are CCT adjustable with all the lights changing at the same colour temperature within the room.

LPA is pleased to support and be involved with Levi’s movement towards sustainability and encouraging consumers to be more thoughtful and conscious of the environmental impact we have on our planet.

Levi Strauss London