LPA has been providing sustainable solutions in lighting since 1990

At LPA we offer a full service solution for lighting products and associated services. We have 30 years of experience in delivering high quality sustainable lighting and energy saving products to clients including Architects, Designers, Electrical Engineers and Contractors, Builders, Developers, Government authorities, retail stores and facility owners across the globe.

In 1990 John Saunders recognised a need in the market for the efficient provision of high quality lighting solutions.  John continues as CEO today.  Through research and development he identified the environmental impact lighting technologies can produce and has ensured the business has evolved.  Adapting to environmental requirements and supporting the changing needs of clients, LPA now offers energy management solutions to drive reductions in energy consumption.

Our business partners with clients across the globe, providing services in lighting and energy solutions whether it be product supply, lighting upgrades, solar installation or a complete energy management review and installation.

Energy Audit

An energy audit can help your business identify gaps and opportunities in your energy expenditure. We will assess your energy requirements and customise a solution uniquely designed for your business. Our audits can provide your business with financial and environmental information to facilitate vast improvements in energy consumption.

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Energy Management Solutions

We offer a range of different solutions that can be customized for your business to reduce energy consumption.
• Lighting upgrades
• Lighting Controls – IoT
• Solar Applications
• Smart Building Applications
• Energy Spend Management
• Carbon Footprint Analysis

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Lighting Upgrades

Lighting can do much more than just illuminate and show the way. Modern energy efficient lighting solutions can enhance productivity, safety and security.  Improved efficiency, longer life, less maintenance, and better quality light output can see significant savings for our customers. By replacing old lighting with LED fittings we can deliver up to 80% energy efficiency savings with low payback periods.

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Our team of lighting specialists, Engineers, and Lighting Designers are here to assist your needs.

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We also offer financing solutions and we are accredited providers for VEET and ESS Government rebates.

Lighting Design

In their aim to improve the overall lighting effect our Design Team also consider energy consumption. Our experienced team provide cutting edge lighting designs that are influenced by industry trends in architecture, interior design and lighting design.  We are able to communicate our lighting design ideas through sketches, computer renders and detailed 2D and 3D documentation. 

Our Design Team works with a multitude of clients working directly with retail brands to more commercial focuses where we are appointed by the Architect, Electrician or Contractor.  We understand the client side, we know how to work within brand guidelines to create consistency for a global retail chain, or in providing an alternative solution to meet budget restrictions for an Electrician.

We provide unique lighting solutions that provide the best possible lighting result for our clients.

Custom Solutions
We have the ability to customise lighting solutions to meet your lighting design needs. Whether you require a bespoke feature light or a specification change to one of our existing fittings, our team will work with you to deliver your vision.

Talk to one of our Designer Team members today to find out how they can assist you in creating your lighting vision.

Support Services

Research & Development
We work with our suppliers and manufacturers to be at the forefront in finding efficiencies in product, both in hardware quality and performance optimisation. We continually challenge ourselves to find optimum solutions in reducing costs in installation and maintenance.

Our distribution and logistics team plan, implement and control stock to ensure an efficient and effective service. With resources across the globe including warehouses in America, Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom, we have the ability for worldwide distribution allowing us to meet strict deadlines.

Project Management
Partnering closely with our clients we provide the roadmap to project completion. Our team will work with you managing supply, delivery, approvals and product lead times to ensure that deadlines and budgets are met anywhere across the globe.

Implementation and Support Services
Our installation support service and warranty support have assisted clients across the world. We directly support the joint project team throughout the installation process to ensure correct setup as per the lighting plan. Upon installation, the joint project team will complete and sign-off a lighting installation checklist. If appropriate, we support the installation services team to deliver a site-specific aiming and focusing service to ensure the lighting is accurately positioned to highlight and accent the product and lead clients through the store.


We are committed to making a positive change to the environment.

We care about minimising hazardous waste used in manufacturing by using recyclable components where possible and ensuring our service model maximises energy efficiency for our clients.

We work alongside Ecocycle to ensure responsible disposing of fluorescent tubes, lamps and bulbs and our packaging uses recycled cardboard where possible.

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