Energy Optimisation

We help you become energy independent with energy optimisation systems that pay for themselves.

Solar PV

Lighting Upgrades Including Rebates

Power Factor Correction

Energy Storage

IoT Solutions

Smart Buildings

Energy Spend Management

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Renewable Energy Sources –
Solar Panels

As part of our commitment to reduce our overall carbon emissions, we established an energy optimisation department to our business, installing solar panels and
concentrating on energy reductions for our clients including carbon footprint analysis.

The panels installed so far are helping us move towards carbon neutrality.

WideSky® Energy Management Solution

We are honoured to be partnering with WideSky® to provide Energy Management Solutions. WideSky® is a cloud-based solution that provides powerful, real time insights into all elements of your business operations. Data is the key to understanding how to monitor, manage and forecast accordingly to reach sustainability goals and financially plan for the future.

We offer energy solutions to improve your bottom line and reduce your carbon footprint.

It may be by upgrading your lighting, improving power factor, implementing smart building systems or helping to generate solar energy; we will partner with you to provide one or all services to help you achieve your targets.