Hilton Hotel Melbourne

The Hilton returns to Melbourne with the opening of its highly anticipated Hilton Melbourne Little Queen Street hotel. Entering a new chapter in the their brand, the hotel will reside in the restored heritage-listed 1930s Equity Chambers building. LPA was awarded the contract to provide a full D&C alternative lighting solution for the 17-storey hotel.   

To fulfil the requirements of the project, LPA supplied cost effective fittings with similar aesthetics and performance to the original specification. The fittings went through an arduous approval process involving the builder, architects, lighting consultants, contractors and the client. We conducted technical meetings to support the requirements from all the teams involved. Our sale representative for this project also provided frequent onsite technical support throughout the process. 

Using a variety of recessed luminaires, LED strips and spot lights, LPA delivered a contemporary design whilst still preserving the original character of the heritage building. Several custom modifications and reworks of product were made to support the contractors and meet the client’s needsWe used kms of LED strip with staged delivery and made custom cuts to the products for specific areas within the hotel. 

To compliment the bold architectural space, we selected the Hole step light in the main stairwell to provide a subtle and modern look. With an anti-glare screen, the step lights are perfect for illuminating the stairs and providing better visual comfort for navigation.

Black mini spot lights were incorporated into the hotel design as a decorative feature to light up the room numbers of each guest room. To provide additional navigation and security lighting, we used the Hades mini wall lights along the bottom of the corridors.

The outdoor patio area for the cafe featured the Zaia series. The space required fittings that were durable and could withstand the exterior setting. We incorporated wall lights between the glass panels and the Zaia floodlight spike mounted for the landscaping.

The results delivers a well-executed lighting solution meeting the clients expectations and requirements.