CS-A Office

We recently collaborated with Cera Stribley Architects to provide the lighting for their new office space in the Conway Building in Prahran, Melbourne. The building was once a department store and holds a large amount of history originally being built in 1914. The team at Cera Stribley have preserved the character of the building by maintaining the key features of the old building with lofty ceilings, elaborate cornices and decorative flooring.

This attention to the building’s heritage in the design was also key for the lighting design. The aesthetics of the fittings needed to embrace the buildings character and not interfere with the existing structure of the building. Streamline fittings were chosen to seamlessly blend into the creative space, providing functional lighting that compliments the buildings heritage features.

Direct and indirect linear fittings were used over workstations and in the materials reference area to highlight the decorative ceiling and parquetry floor.

The suspended Logan CC10 was used in meeting rooms and in the kitchen area as the adjustable format allows specific task lighting, complimenting the large amount of natural light that floods the space.

Overall the impact of this office is simplistic beauty that combines modern styling with unique features of an old building, making it the perfect home for this creative team.