Sephora is a French based international chain of beauty and personal care stores offering products including cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, body, beauty tools and haircare. LPA was proud to be apart of the Sephora store roll-out in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We managed the expectation of the detailed agreement according to the lighting and building standards in each country. LPA promised a high quality service and delivery of the products that met the timeframe and tight deadlines for each store location.

Working closely with Sephora and the teams involved with the roll outs, it was imperative to provide a cohesive lighting selection across multiple stores whilst also customising the lighting design to accommodate each location. A balance was struck with highlighting the merchandise and the surrounding walkway spaces for staff and customers to circulate.

With the fast nature of retail, it was important to consider the adjustability of the luminaires. Using the adjustable June II track lights and Legend recessed downlights as accent lighting, we were able to deliver flexibility to illuminate the various sections of the store including the product displays and store counters.

LED strips with a milky diffuser were enclosed within a surface mounted linear for the iconic zig zag feature on the ceiling. We selected the luminaires in 4000K as the recommended colour temperature for cosmetic retailers to provide natural lighting. The LED strips were distributed evenly following the pattern illuminating the walkways for navigation and wayfinding. LED strip was also used alongside the display cabinets to emphasise product and subtly enticing consumers to focus on the merchandise more.

Working with all the teams involved, the outcome delivers a lively and energetic store reflecting the Sephora brand.