WideSky® is an Australian, cloud-based IoT company, developed to make it easier for you to unlock the value of your data. Our SaaS and hardware solutions connect to almost anything, integrating with legacy equipment, IoT sensors and third-party software, eliminating data silos and giving your data context and meaning.

WideSky® monitors, analyses and reports on energy usage, the indoor environment, and space utilisation in real-time giving you visibility, insight, and control over the performance of your working environment. Users can access live data from as many locations as their business needs, on any device, allowing businesses to more effectively manage resources and drive cost reductions.

With simple, user-friendly tools businesses are able to interpret and act on information that otherwise may not be easily understood, leading to faster, data driven decisions, reducing risk and cost, improving wellbeing and benefiting the environment. WideSky® measures and monitors anything you want to the level of detail you need, and reports it how you want, to who you want.

WideSky® connects to almost ANYTHING

WideSky® is unique in that it connects to almost anything. It has been designed to seamlessly integrate into any system, consolidating data sources to help give them context and meaning, without being locked in to a single system


  • Easy to install hardware and software solution
  • Simplified, accurate reporting of sustainability outcomes
  • Visibility into use of resources and assets
  • Data driven budgeting and forecasting
  • Simplified benchmarking and enables project verification
  • Visibility minimises compliance risk
  • Comfortable, consistent indoor working environment, and improved wellness
  • Improved tenant / staff satisfaction and productivity
  • Increased workplace Safety

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