Retrofit Tech Summit & Awards – Dubai

The Retrofit Tech Dubai Summit & Awards is held annually to identify project opportunities across Dubai, and identify strategies and the latest technologies which can help in achieving energy and water efficiency savings.

The Retrofit Summit was the perfect opportunity to announce the official opening of the LPA Dubai office as the event fitted perfectly with the services we provide and was in line with our company vision – providing modern, energy efficient lighting solutions that reduce energy costs and environmental impact. The LPA Dubai team have a long history in this region and understand the needs and challenges in this market.

Our Founder and CEO, Mr John Saunders was in attendance at the Summit and was asked to join a panel of experts to lead discussions on the impact of lighting for energy efficiency.  John was able to share his global experience in delivering energy efficient lighting solutions yielding positive return on investment based on reductions in energy usage and maintenance whilst increasing overall reliability.

John, Paresh (Managing Director – Dubai) and the team, are excited about the opportunities Dubai will bring

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