The Trybe

The Trybe is Australia’s new innovative footwear brand encouraging kids to have fun, be bold and express their own uniqueness, personality and style through the shoes they wear. Launching its first retail store in Highpoint Shopping Centre, The Trybe houses an extensive range of global footwear products.

Providing a lighting design that met the objectives for this brand, we provided a selection of lights that created simplicity and evoked a small amount of curiosity. With a focus on providing a top quality experience for their customers, it was important that the lights were functional yet also reflected the concept the brand was establishing for its clientele.  We are proud to offer a creative and practical lighting solution that alleviates and compliments the Trybe brand and its clientele.

Our range of lights included the Round Gallery track light used to contrast against the rigid geometric shapes. The shorter cylinder style was selected to create depth within the ceiling troughs and provide an illusion of the fitting hidden inside. To allow the pops of colour to shine through, white fittings that matched the ceiling were selected to blend in with the space. In juxtaposition with the white fittings, black version of the Gallery track light were suspended to provide wall bay lighting to the displays.

LED strips was used to line the edges of the drop ceiling and create a halo effect providing depth to the space.

Keeping on theme with the geometric look, the Legend downlight was placed in the centre of the cube to replicate a lego block at the front entrance of the store. Isabel downlights were selected in surface mount format to illuminate the visual merchandising display.

To illuminate the back store room for employees, linear battens were chosen to provide clearer light distribution.