R.M. Williams – Chadstone

R.M. Williams is an Australian footwear and clothing company providing handcrafted and unique luxury products. Through our close partnership with StorePro, LPA was engaged to create a full lighting solution package for the R.M. Williams Chadstone store in Australia.

LPA offered project management, lighting design and sales support services for the client. With the store located in Chadstone Shopping Centre, the approach was to create an elevated and high end design in comparison to the other store roll outs. The design was reflective of the clientele visiting Chadstone.

Our fittings in the store were selected in 3000K to provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. By using adjustable fittings, we are able to adapt what is illuminated in the space as the store merchandising changes from time to time.

Magnetic 48V track lights were chosen for its adjustability and click-fit construction. They provided a contemporary and architectural look for the shopfront space.

LED strip was installed on top of the suspended track to up-light the ducting and enhance the copper details of the store.

Working with all the teams involved, LPA achieved a high end result complimenting the finishes of the space and reflective of the store location.