Country Road

Country Road are focussed on creating stores designed with a sense of luxury and comfort with consideration to the impact towards our planet.  Since 2019, Country Road have opened stores that are certified by the Green Building Council of Australia.  The Green Building Council of Australia assesses the sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings and tenancies through an internationally recognised rating system.  The new and refurbished Country Road stores are achieving a 5 star Green Star rating making The Country Road Group a leader in sustainable design.

Country Road approached LPA for assistance in providing lighting design solutions that would meet the sustainable standards required for Green Star rating.  Our Design Team worked closely with the Country Road Store Development and Design Team to enhance the stores light levels and achieve their goals for Green Star rating.

LPA is focussed on Green Star rated projects and developing sustainable lighting designs and fittings. Contact our team today to discuss this further.

“Sustainable lighting design has never been so important across all industries.  It’s more than just achieving a watts per metre square target, it’s considering the entire lighting system, from the materials uses to the location of the manufacturer. Lamp selection is vital to achieve the perfect result. We consider how the fitting is manufactured (mercury reduction), lamp life, maintenance requirements, warranty period and the ability for the fitting to be recycled.  For the Country Road stores our focus, from a design perspective, was to ensure lighting levels complied with best practice guidelines whilst creating the sense of luxury and style for which the brand is known.  We provided a design that created uniformity providing visual interest to important areas, that are flicker-free with no glare. 

The end result is a stunning retail space that will attract attention both from store designers to customers.  I personally hope that other retailers follow Country Road in this innovative retail design direction.”

Steven Bavell, Lighting Design Manager, LPA Lighting and Energy Solutions