Discreet and original, the Soffite is a cleverly designed angular luminaire that can be adapted to a variety of projects. The various modules can be put together to create a lighting strip between walls and ceilings or alternatively to illuminate in a corner. Available in multiples lengths. The Soffite wall light is fitted with very low consumption sources and is excellent for commercial applications.

Soffite (615mm)

Source Power: 12W / 18W
Source Lumens: Up to 2270Lm
Efficacy:  Up to 126Lm/W
Download:  Datasheet

Soffite (915mm)

Source Power: 14W / 26W
Source Lumens: Up to 3250Lm
Efficacy:  Up to 125Lm/W
Download:  Datasheet

Soffite (1195mm)

Source Power: 17W / 33W
Source Lumens: Up to 4240Lm
Efficacy:  Up to 138Lm/W
Download:  Datasheet

Soffite (1475mm)

Source Power: 26W / 41W
Source Lumens: Up to 5340Lm
Efficacy:  Up to 130Lm/W
Download:  Datasheet
Finish White Material Aluminium
IP Rating IP42 CCT  3000K/4000K
CRI >80 Voltage 220-240V
Lifetime >50,000 hours Dimming Available on request

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