As one of the world’s largest online activewear retailer, Stylerunner is opening its first bricks and mortar store in Armadale, Victoria. Since launching its brand eight years ago, Stylerunner has become pioneers in the category of premium athleisure and sneakers for women.

The lighting design approach taken for Stylerunner Armadale was one of high end luxe and Insta-worth self-promotion.

A soft approach to the lighting of product was decided to best compliment the organic shapes and soft pastel colour palette of the interior fitout. The Gallery spot lights were chosen for their compact size and fitted with LPA’s exclusive elliptical lens accessory. This accessory helps soften the dramatic scalloping commonly seen in retail lighting and offers a clean, easy transition between lighting the product on display and fading the light out along the upper sections of the perimeter walls.

As this site is exposed to natural light throughout the day, a focussed approach to lighting the display mannequins in the window displays and the entry feature table was taken through the use of narrow beam reflectors. This allows for the light to be focussed on the product without wasting light on the floor while also creating a sense of drama, even on sunny days.

Flexible integrated linear LED was employed to the shoe display that dominates the centre of the space. This allows the shoes to be beautifully lit from above and eliminates the possibility of shadow casting from light sources located behind customers.

A degree of customisation was taken with the lighting design of the fitting rooms. The intent for these spaces was to provide the customer the opportunity to tailor the level of light experienced to best suit their personal aesthetic and provide the opportunity to share their experience on social media. Full length linear LED’s were integrated within the mirrors to provide even illumination to the front of a customer. A single downlight is then located slightly behind the customer to provide the three dimensional quality required to bring a sense of depth to social media posts. The ability to dim individual fitting rooms allows customer the opportunity to achieve the level of light required to complement their personal aesthetic.

Located outside the fitting rooms in the vestibule is the Neon Rope feature pendant. Reminiscent of neon, this flexible LED rope light provided the opportunity to create a conceptual “cloud” form on site, something traditional neon would not have been able to achieve. The amorphous shape compliments the soft colours and feminine forms evident throughout the store interior design.

A crisp cool white of 4000K and a CRI of over 90 where specified for this brand. This design approach was decided to ensure the artificial light provided a true representation of the soft pastel colour palette and not taint the colours through a yellow based illumination. The overall effect is crisp, modern and thoroughly enjoyable.