CSL Behring

Working with MOLECULE to complete this contemporary commercial office space, LPA provided lighting for the offices including a reception area, an open-plan working space, a lounge and a number of meeting rooms.

Using a custom Liquid Line linear fitting to provide direction flow through the entire space, the custom Liquid Line highlighted the office colour palette resulting in a visually striking feature. Flowing down the corridor space from reception through the entire office and into the lounge area the Liquid Line with opal diffuser creates comfortable lighting for staff and visitors.

The remainder of the office space was lit by black trim, deep-set downlights to focus on maintaining low glare soft light levels for workstations.  LED Strip was also used for joinery areas for mapping and to eliminate shadowing.

This commercial space provides another example of how lighting can positively impact staff and productivity levels by creating a contemporary space that offers practicality and style.

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