Civic Hall – Ballarat

The much loved Ballarat Civic Hall, fond in many resident’s memories, has been shuttered and off limits for more than a decade. The hall was originally constructed in 1953 as a multi-use public hall complex with two main spaces. In 2003 the Civic Hall was closed to the public while various options for the future of the site were considered.

In 2016 the Ballarat City Council adopted a masterplan for the development of the site. Baumgart Clark Architects was engaged to breathe new life into the iconic hall, bringing it up to compliance with fire, access and safety standards, and refurbishing the interior of the Hall and other spaces.

The restoration of the main hall, foyer, stage, circle foyer, seating, amenities and storage areas required all areas to comply with building code standards including a new switchboard, power distribution and lighting. LPA was engaged by Fryda Dorne & Associates to provide a range of modern, quality light fittings that would recreate some of the original ambience of the building yet with a modern twist.

Using a combination of the Ringo Star and Basic fittings in the main hall, creates a feeling of grandeur and creativity, reflecting the history of the hall. The entry foyer uses the larger format Ringo Star creating symmetry between the areas.

With its doors open again the Civic Hall is an inviting space for audiences, performers, stall holders and exhibitors with one of the largest flat floor auditoriums in regional Victoria.