Cabrini Hospital Gandel Wing

We worked closely with engineers AECOM on the recently completed Clinical Services Building in the Gandel Wing at Cabrini Hospital. Located in Malvern, Victoria, the new clinical building establishes better healthcare services for the hospital.

The 7-storey space comprises of 138 beds, maternity residences, a radiotherapy centre, an extension to the existing emergency department and accommodation for patients to remain on site for their treatment.

The approach for this project was to challenge traditional designs, transforming the hospital ward from a sterile and cold environment into a comfortable and serene space for health and wellbeing. With Cabrini’s hospital lighting, it was important to ensure a balance was met to simultaneously create a functional and effective workspace for its staff whilst also a pleasant ambience and experience for its patients and visitors.

Two major factors we needed to consider for the light fittings were practicality for the end-user, as well as energy consumption of the fittings. As hospitals operate 24/7, every day of the year, it was essential to consider the efficacy of the lighting solution. The lighting package utilises a control system to dim the lights depending on the time of the day. During the evenings, the luminaires will be dimmed at approximately 50% to conserve energy

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Case Study