We help you become energy independent with systems that pay for themselves

Solar PV
Systems that pay for themselves

With payback periods for commercial solar as short as three years, Government Incentives and easy financing options, now is the time to discuss how your business can become energy independent.

We will partner with you through the solution from product selection, grid connection, statutory approvals, solar monitoring and applications for rebates. By investing in a Solar PV system for your business you can expect a great return on investment gaining control of your energy costs.

Lighting Upgrades
Save up to 80% on your lighting power bills

Transitioning to new LED technology reduces energy and maintenance costs whilst increasing reliability and overall light quality.  With a positive return on investment and a reduction in impact to the environment, the choice to upgrade lighting is an easy one.

We provide an end to end upgrade service allowing a smooth and effective implementation with minimal impact on existing operations whilst delivering an attractive return on investment.

Power Factor Correction
Improve power quality to reduce electrical equipment failure

Power quality is critical to efficient operations of equipment.  Power Factor is a measure of how effectively incoming power is used in your electrical system.  Power Factor Correction (PFC) aims to improve power factor quality by using capacitors that offset the non working power used by inductive loads, therefore improving the power factor.

Energy Storage
Energy Storage options to optimise savings

Battery storage combined with solar panels helps businesses to maximise their use of self-generated and discounted electricity. But even without solar panels, the use of a battery storage system can enable a company to use cheaper off peak mains grid power for charging, then using that stored energy at times when mains electricity supply is most expensive.

IoT – Lighting Controls
Scalable IoT cloud-based platforms to manage multiple aspects of your business

We offer solutions to track, manage and optimize energy consumption across multiple facilities from on centralized cloud based platform.

This level of control allows analysis and visualisation as well as providing alerts to management showcasing opportunities to reduce energy use via an operational change, equipment maintenance or a well-planned capital expense.

Smart Building Applications
Precise control for greener operations

Learn more about our smart building application – an all in one cloud-based property management program for residential and commercial clients,  designed to manage all aspects of your business, saving time, money, storage, supplies and space. This system allows you to manage lighting, water, heating, ventilation and air conditioning all from the one centralised platform, reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and electricity costs.

Energy Spend Management
Validate operating costs against bill validation

Robotic Process Automation collects, validates and addresses major spend exceptions before payment.  Collecting every bill for every site and validates the usage, rates and charges against the contracts, meter data, network/utility tariffs and active site lists.  This intelligent automation easily manages high-volume transactional processes across the entire energy spend lifecycle capturing every cost saving opportunity.

Carbon Footprint Analysis
Reduce your impact to the environment

We offer sustainability strategies and carbon management plans for businesses by measuring, reporting and verifying the environmental footprint of organisations, products and/or services.  These can help to develop and deploy low emission technologies and solutions, from energy efficiency to renewable power.

Find Your Solution

From analysis and design to finance options, LPA provides customised solutions for energy optimisation.