The flexibility of LIGEO™ makes it possible to construct imaginative two dimensional and inspiring three dimensional light designs.

LIGEO™ uses energy-efficient LED light with a high colour rendering index. With more than 1,630 lumens per yard, LIGEO™ is as bright as a 120W light bulb. The LED assembly is available from daylight to warm white, meeting the needs of any lighting situation.

Weighing approximately 400 grams per meter, (approximately .9 pounds per yard), LIGEO™ is very lightweight due to the environmentally conscious use of aluminium. Combining the low-voltage system, the simple plug-in connections and the supply of current from only one point makes the need for copper wiring unnecessary.

The use of LED technology makes LIGEO™ very energy-efficient. The class A+ energy efficiency rating protects the environment and your wallet for many years.

Ligeo (395)

Power: 5W
Length:  395mm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 507Lm
Download:  Datasheet

Ligeo (695)

Power: 11W
Length:  695mm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1015Lm
Download:  Datasheet

Ligeo (995)

Power: 17W
Length:  995mm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 1522Lm
Download:  Datasheet

Ligeo (1295)

Power: 22W
Length:  1295mm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 2030Lm
Download:  Datasheet

Ligeo (1595)

Power: 28W
Length:  1595mm
Delivered Lumens: Up to 2537Lm
Download:  Datasheet
Finish Black/White/Silver/Gold Material Aluminium
IP Rating IP52 CCT  3000K/4000K/5300K/RGB + W5300K/CCT
CRI >80/>90 Voltage 48V
Lifetime >50,000 hours Dimming Available on request

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