Thread is a low-power, fault-tolerant, wireless mesh networking protocol, built using open and proven standards. Thread is backed by hundreds of members from prominent brands like Google and Siemens, offering various products to help securely connect IoT devices to the cloud. WideSky is proud to be the first product developer in the Commercial and Industrial market, outside of Google’s subsidiary NEST, to be awarded the Built on Thread certification.

The WideSky Hub is built on Thread, and is an important part of the WideSky architecture. Offering a robust mesh network with no single point of failure and the ability to self-heal, the WideSky Hub helps to overcome many of the challenges associated with IoT, including installation, interoperability, and security.


WideSky Hub reduces the need for hardwired cables and can seamlessly connect hundreds of devices to each other and to the cloud, making installation simple, efficient, and economical. This is particularly valuable in circumstances like the Mile End Bus Depot, where cabling would have involved an extensive network of underground wiring to connect the devices together. By installing a mesh of WideSky Hubs you can connect as many products as needed, securely and reliably, and at a fraction of the cost. In addition to simplifying the physical installation, WideSky Hub autonomously registers authenticated devices to simplify configuration as well.

Future Proof

Thread has been designed using the Internet’s proven, open standards to integrate with existing ethernet, Wi-Fi and other IP-based networks without the need for proprietary gateways or translators. This means existing hardware can be leveraged without the need for expensive upgrades, and as technology ages and becomes redundant, you are not locked into a single system.

The WideSky Hub uses Thread to communicate across these networks to IoT devices and cloud services. It has onboard serial communications to enable a broad range of traditional non-IP devices to be Thread networked as well, enabling the WideSky Hub to bridge technology gaps and eliminate data silos.

WideSky Hub automatically reconfigures when a device is added or removed, making it easy for businesses to make changes to their site. This flexibility is particularly advantageous with technology advancements, because the WideSky Hub Thread mesh network provides a simple pathway for newly developed apps and software to connect to site devices, seamlessly.

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