Truckloads – Coolangatta

Truckload, an Australian discount variety store, offers an extensive range of products at valuable prices. We were thrilled to be involved with the lighting supply of their new store in Coolangatta.

Designed by Totem Design, the 1607 square meter store required a lighting solution that provided good uniformity throughout the space.

The majority of the fitting selection were white with an opal diffuser to enhance products on the shelves. To ensure customer satisfaction within the store, warm white with a high colour rendering was specified for the front of house fittings.

With a rapid turnaround for installation, our team worked directly with the contractors to ensure exact fitting placement in the low height t-bar ceiling. We expedited the supply of the suspensions as to not slow the installation by waiting for all the components to arrive at once. By preinstalling the suspension the linear profiles were able to be clicked in once they arrived. Direct delivery to the Queensland store meant the project was delivered to the required time schedule.